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Como Usar “Indeed” — Inglês Intermediário

You use indeed after na adjective or adverb to give it emphasis, normally in combination with very: [Você usar “indeed” depois de um adjetivo ou advérbio para lhe dar ênfase, normalmente em combinação com “very”]

  • This is very unusual indeed.
  • We’ve done very well indeed with Sales this year.
  • Thank you very much indeed for your help.

You can use indeed when agreeing with, or confirming, something in a rather formal way. In this use it occurs in short replies. [Você pode usar “indeed” quando concorda com ou confirma algo de uma maneira formal. Nesse uso, ele ocorre em respostas curtas.]

  • ‘Is it the ninth today?’ ‘It is indeed’
  • ‘That was fortunate.’ ‘Indeed it was’

In its confirming sense, indeed can be used to add something that supports an argument. [No seu sentido de confirmação, “indeed” pode ser usado para acrescentar algo que apóia um argumento.]

  • The factory is not doing very well; indeed, it’ll probably have to close down.

Indeed can be used in final position to express suprise, disbelief, anger or scorn at what someone has just said. [“Indeed” pode ser usado no final para expressar surpresa, descrença, raiva ou desdém ao o que alguém acabou de dizer.]

  • ‘She thinks you’ll give her the money.’ ‘Does she indeed’

Fonte: Chambers English Grammar & Usage Pg. 276

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