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ON AN EVEN KEEL — Expressões Idiomáticas

“[Population expansion]... which is hardly sufficiently to keep the nation’s population on an even keel.” – Sex Habits of American Woman, p. 26

Levando em conta a citação acima, qual tradução daria para “on na even keel”? As palavras como “equilibrado”, “estável” e “firme” são a melhor escolha.

Ex.: My main priority is to keep my life on an even keel for the sake of my two boys. [Minha principal prioridade é manter minha vida equilibrada pelo bem nos meus garotos]

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Some ships sailed fast on an even keel, others had to be trimmed quite one foot by the stern, and I have heard of a ship that gave her best speed on a wind when so loaded as to float a couple of inches by the head.

The Mirror of the Sea de Conrad, Joseph

The Reindeer righted very slowly, and when she was on an even keel was so much awash that I doubted if she could be saved.

Tales of the Fish Patrol de London, Jack

The ship might have been moored in dock, so gently and on an even keel she slipped through the water, that did not murmur even at our passage, shadowy and silent like a phantom sea.

The Secret Sharer de Conrad, Joseph

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