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“Com a corda toda” — Expressões em Inglês


To be full of beans

Usamos essa expressão em inglês para dizer que a pessoa “tá que tá”, ou seja, está cheia de vontade e energia para fazer algo.

Ex.: He seems to be full of beans this morning.
Ex.: I had a good night’s sleep in a hotel and was feeling very full of beans.
Ex.: The child seemed rather ill in the morning, but by tea time he was full of beans again.
Ex.: Albert has been walking for almost six hours and he is still full of beans.
Ex.: You are full of beans; that man is not 130 years old.
Ex.: The children were too full of beans to sit still.
Ex.: You’re looking full of beans, Richard.
Ex.: You’re looking full of beans, Richard. Hard work must agree with you.
Ex.: Don’t believe him; he’s full of beans.
Ex.: Steve is certainly full of beans again after his illness.

O UsingEnglish.com define de maneira simples:

If someone’s full of beans, they are very energetic.

O NTS’ Dictionary of American Idioms de Richardson A. Spears diz:

Full of beans
In high spirits, energetic. Ex.: She seems to be full of beans today. MEANING: She must be excited about something.

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