sexta-feira, julho 23, 2010

Introduction to English Grammar — Inglês Avançado


When I think of grammar, I think of word usage – which, of course, everyone butchers.

I despise grammar. I find the rules trite and boring. Grammar (and its enforcers) need to loosen up and enjoy life more!

Grammar makes my stomach churn.

These comments will strike a chord with many users of this textbook. The term grammar does not bring pleasant memories to the minds of many people. The term grammar frequently brings to mind tedious lessons with endless drills, repetition, and other generally mindless practice, focused on mostly obscure rules of how people are supposed to write and speak. For native speakers of any given language, grammar often represents to them the great “mystery” of language, known only to language specialists or those of older generations, the ones who really know what is “right”. Many feel that “grammar” is something that they were never taught and that feel they therefore “don’t know.” Grammar is also often linked to both explicit and implicit criticisms of people’s use or “misuse” of language, which may have created a sense of resentment or frustration with the notion of grammar.

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